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About Source to Target's Custom Linguistic Services

Source to Target is one of very few translation companies offering customized Chinese linguistic services when you need more than just translation or interpretation. 

Succeeding in trial

When your case calls for an expert witness or quality monitor, we are your first choice to call. If you need an analysis of trial exhibits translated by the opposing counsel, Source to Target is your source to arm you with the best linguistic tools to win the case. If you need a Chinese check (monitor) interpreter to check the accuracy of the main interpreter at a deposition, look no further than Source to Target.

Succeeding in market research

If you are researching the Chinese language market through interviews, Source to Target is your one stop Chinese culture consultant.  Our services include finding Chinese individuals, interviewing them in Chinese, based on your English questionnaire, and transcribing the records from Chinese into English for your market research data.  If the interviews have been set up already, we also can provide Chinese simultaneous interpretation or transcription services.

Some examples of our Customized Linguistic Services include:

arrow Linguistic Expert Witness
arrow Trial Exhibit Translation Analysis
arrow Court Certification for Chinese Translations
arrow Monitor Interpreter for Quality Assurance
arrow Focus Group Transcriptions

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Helping you succeed through customizing linguistic services for you.


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