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What does Source to Target really mean?

Source to Target is devoted to helping people who speak different languages speak to each other.  True communication requires quality translation and interpretation. We define quality by our clients' satisfaction. We won't stop until we've met your needs and exceeded your expectations.

We generally do not try to compete on price. We prefer to compete on quality and service.  For the quality and service we provide, we have the most attractive rates in the industry. We can do this by keeping our overhead low, as well as through innovative management methods and efficient operations. 

To keep our quality high, when our clients have needs we don't specialize in, we will provide seamless service through our strong network of linguists in other languages or our language affiliates. 

Our name Source to Target reflects our philosophy.  In translations, "source language" is the original language, and "target language" is the language into which the original is translated.  For example, if a witness is speaking Chinese, and the interpreter is interpreting his speech into English, then Chinese is the source language, and English is the target language.  Source to Target is devoted to translating the source language into the target language for you, and doing it better than any other translation service. 


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