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Source to Target's Case Studies

Weekend Rush - How we care about our clients...

It was a Friday and the law office frantically called Source to Target.  They had trial on Monday and needed 10 Chinese documents totaling over 20,000 words translated into English for the trial. This means less than one business day to complete the translation.  Many translation agencies do not have the capacity or the willingness to work over the weekend. However, we, at Source to Target, understood the urgency and the importance of this translation for the trial.  We quoted the same rate structure we had for previous jobs for this client, and before Monday morning, delivered the completed translation.  The documents also required a translator's affidavit from a California Court Certified Interpreter, which Source to Target also provided. The translations became a crucial part of the trial.  Source to Target cares about our clients.

Consistency Case - How we listen to our clients...

After a law firm hired Source to Target to interpret at a deposition, the law firm wanted some deposition exhibits translated from Chinese into English in preparation for trial.  The exhibits had special terminology that had also come up during the deposition.  It was important that the special terminology be translated the same way in the trial exhibit as it was in the deposition.  If another translator of the documents used different terms than those the oral interpreter had used during the deposition, this might have created inconsistency during trial.  Many translation agencies would send the translation off to a different translator than the deposition interpreter.  However, the client was aware of the possible translation discrepancies by different translators and requested that the same interpreter do the written translation. We listened to our client and used the same interpreter to translate the document for consistency.  We also had the document edited by another professional translator, as part of our translation process.  Source to Target listens to our clients.

Finding The One - How we help our clients succeed...

It was a US China conference, and a China deputy provincial governor was to speak to an American audience.  The client needed a conference interpreter whose native language was English.  Most Chinese interpreters' native language is either Cantonese or Mandarin.  Yet, native English fluency was crucial to impressing the American audience and to the very success of the conference. Source to Target was able to send a conference interpreter with a Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation and whose native language was English. Source to Target knows the importance of clients wishes.

Declining a Job - How we respect our clients...

A law firm needed a Mandarin interpreter for a deposition that was very technical and in a very obscure field.  The client needed the interpreter very soon and told Source to Target they were willing to pay any rate for the interpreter. We requested more information for terminology interpretation preparation.  However, the client was unable to provide any information about the case, and was only able to state that it was in a highly technical field, with very specialized terminology.  After evaluating whether we were able to ethically provide quality interpretation, we respectfully declined the job.  We explained to the client that our policy was to accept jobs in which we know we can do well.  In this way, Source to Target respects our clients.  Soon after, the client called again to request interpretation services for another deposition. This time, we gladly accepted and provided ethical and quality interpretation services.

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case studies

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